The Azores High

In the Azores High series, I tell you about a trip to Portugal and the Azores. My husband Matthias and I flew to Portugal before the school holidays started. Our son Timo flew after the last day of school. Although it is far too hot for my taste in Portugal, its magic makes the country a place of longing. The Portuguese have made themselves at home at this end. The little stories that sometimes take on a life of their own can probably only happen this way in Portugal.

Blick auf ein Wolkenmeer. Eindruck von weißer Watte unter blauem Himmel.

Some people are very tense on their departure day. For them, "Departure" is pure stress. For me, recovery usually starts a little earlier. However, I was a little more nervous than usual on day 1. Why else would I get up at 5.00 a.m. when the plane doesn't leave until the afternoon? I describe how I spent the time until departure without causing stress for others in "Departure".

On day 2, we were "On a Mountain Tour through Porto". Despite the high volume of traffic, the road users in Porto manage to stay calm. I don't know how they do it. But far too little is written about this in travel guides.

Porto is a real challenge for people with a poor sense of direction. In addition to the usual directions front, back, right and left, there are also up and down.
On day 3, I felt a little lost in all the hustle and bustle. I asked myself: "Where’s Wally?" Luckily, public transport reliably found the way back. You can read about whether Wally turned up at some point or watch the German video.

Aus dem Meer steil aufragende Felsen. Wolkenverhangener Himmel.

On day 4, we hired a car to be mobile and explored the surrounding area. Our travel guide recommended that we visit Braga. As we liked the city, we wanted to continue to consult him when planning our trip. What the guide hadn't told us was that there was "Much Ado about Braga".

„To do or not to do”. That's the question here. But sometimes the answer is very easy. It's an advantage if you have a guide or know where to look. You can find out how I found the answer to the question on day 5.

Blick aus der Villa Lysis auf den Hafen von Capri
Eine Straße auf einer Pilonenbrücke führt auf baumbewachsene Hügel zu,

Things that are "Stewed in their own Juice" can be delicious. But there are exceptions. day 6 is about murderous heat and sensations of feverish delirium.

The best way to start a day of exploring "Summit Crosses in Lisbon" is with breakfast. Jip and Janneke are a good example of this. On day 7, I learn why it is advisable to eat lots of houmous.

Eine Straße auf einer Pilonenbrücke führt auf baumbewachsene Hügel zu,

The Christ statue spreads its arms wide over Lisbon. You can stand next to it. However, you won't look quite as impressive. But you can see the city and a bridge that was given a new name by Flower Power. You can find out about this and more on day 8.

Wandkacheln, die einen Reiter zeigen

Many women love a shopping trip. I can easily do without it. Nevertheless, I enter a department store on day 9. In this story, I tell you why I get lost and how I find my way out again.

On day 10, we land in the Azores and make a momentous decision.