Pinky paints


A few years ago, we wanted to hang pictures in our house.
Our budget only allowed for self-painted pictures. So I decided to improve my art skills. But how?

Many artists' biographies say: Great painters achieved true mastery by copying the works of other artists. Sounds logical. Why reinvent everything? This way can't be wrong. A little practice never hurts.


If that is allowed?

Won't you be arrested as an art forger in the twinkling of an eye?
Perhaps not right from the start, when everything still looks very amateurish. But what happens when you have reached your goal and can imitate different styles convincingly?

ArtGedeck Hintergrund
To be on the safe side, I wanted to paint something that would definitely be recognised as an imitation.


What is suitable as a subject?

Nude women?

Always a popular motif. But hanging nude women all over the house?

Do I want to see this all day long?

Nude men?

No comment!


What would I like?


I'm not a horse fan.


Better than horses, but I don't want to see them that often as well.



ArtGedeck Hintergrund


How do you actually paint cows?

Respectively how would old masters have painted cows?

For me, the answer to this question was the beginning of an exciting journey through different styles, eras and artist biographies.

Join me on the journey...

ArtGedeck Michéle Pinkernel

@2023 - ARTINCLUDED, Michèle Pinkernell