Countryside Day in Georgia O’Keeffe's Style

Countryside Day nach Georgia O'Keeffe

Countryside Day

       in Georgia O’Keeffe's Style

  • 15.6 inches by 12 inches, portrait format

  • Aquarelle on paper

Georgia O'Keeffe has painted a picture entitled City Night. You stand at night between dark skyscrapers in a big city, look up at the sky and feel as small as a dwarf. The picture is in portrait format, the skyscrapers lean towards each other. That evokes a certain anxiety in me.
My painting "Countryside Day in Georgia O'Keeffe's Style" is a aquarelle, 15.6 by 12 inches in size and also in portrait format. I have chosen the same perspective as Georgia O'Keeffe. We, the viewers, are lying in a spring meadow and looking up at the sky above us. We look up on dandelions, broadleaf plantain and blades of grass.

A cow has approached us. Her head blocks our field of vision. She doesn't notice us. She is watching something to the left above the picture frame. Her ears stick out far from her head. From this perspective, they look like wings. As soon as the cow has finished looking, she will probably eat the dandelion, the broadleaf plantain and the blades of grass. What is there to see that is stopping her at the moment? A walker? A bird? Or another cow? Perhaps one with whom she still has a score to settle? If I were the cow, I would look down and graze the lush stalks in front of me. But that could also be because I'm hungry.

ArtGedeck Michéle Pinkernel

@2023 - ARTINCLUDED, Michèle Pinkernell