Peeping Tom in Fritz Bleyl's Style

Peeping Tom

       in Fritz Bleyl's Style

  • 8.3 inches by 11 inches, portrait format

  • Pencil on paper

I was inspired by Bleyl's sketch "Grape Carriers" for "Peeping Tom in Fritz Bleyl's Style". The landscape and cow are drawn with rough strokes. The artist had to work quickly to capture the entire scene. He wanted to capture the moment. He refrained from precise, finer elaboration. As I said, it had to be done quickly. The draughtsman ran the risk of being caught.
As viewers, we become accomplices to the secret observer. He has carefully fought his way through the bushes. He has probably injured himself on some thorns. While sneaking, his shoe got stuck in a muddy hole.
In the end, he arrived completely exhausted. Now he has reached the destination of his dreams by reaching this vantage point. Just in time…

... a cow grazing obliviously.
She is standing in front of a mountain range with her head pointing in our direction. She doesn't seem particularly frightened.
Why has the painter gone to all this trouble? Why is he standing dirty, scratched and with only one shoe among all the leaves? Is it his desire to stalk? Does he despise neat clothes? Or does he have a pathological fear of cows?
I think he's lost his way. In reality, he was on his way to the nude beach. So as not to look like a complete fool later, he just painted the cow.

ArtGedeck Michéle Pinkernel

@2023 - ARTINCLUDED, Michèle Pinkernell