Peeping Tom in Fritz Bleyl's Style 

The Cow in the Field in Wilhelm Busch's Style

Cow with dandelion in Alexander Calder's style

Portrait of a Young Cow in Mary Cassatt's Style

The Temptation of the Cow in Salvador Dalí's Style

Cow on Rügen in Caspar David Friedrich's Style

Countryside Day in Georgia O’Keeffe's Style

The Amateur Photographer in Loriot's Style

Waiting in Édouard Manet's Style

Cow in a Flower Meadow in Joan Miró's Style

ArtGedeck Hintergrund



In my attempts at painting, I have worked my way through a wide variety of styles and eras. At best, the selected works say something about what I know and what I am able to do myself. It says nothing about the significance of the chosen painter.
Another problem is that a picture is created with every attempt. This eventually leads to a space problem. The demand for cow pictures is alarmingly low...