Portrait of a Young Cow in Mary Cassatt's Style

Portrait of a Young Cow in Mary Cassatt's Style

Portrait of a Young Cow

       in Mary Cassatt's Style

  • 28 inches by 39 inches, portrait format

  • Acrylic on canvas

The painting "Portrait of a Young ocw in Mary Cassatt's Style" is applied to a canvas using strong acrylic colours with clearly visible brushstrokes. The colours are warm shades of green and brown.
On a bright early summer's day, a young cow with a sun hat pushes into the picture from the left. It is a Jersey cow. In other words, a small, light brown cow with a light beige mouth and nose area. The little cow is standing in a park. At the top right, diagonally behind her, a gravel path winds its way through the slightly hilly landscape. The grass is lush green. The colours glow. The cow looks at us and chews on a straw. With a dog, this posture, slightly tilted head, looking down, says: "Come and play with me!"

If you see a cow in the same pose, you should be careful and move away.
The straw hat is a Florentine hat with a wide, wavy brim, black hatband, black bow and white ostrich feathers. It sits neatly on the head and shades the eyes. It would be a welcome snack for a cow. A forest borders the upper edge of the picture.
In the Portrait of a young woman by Mary Cassatt, a young lady in a frilly white dress stares ahead of her. Her absent look says: "I'm not in the mood for this rubbish."
When I saw the picture for the first time, I immediately thought of a cow. I felt a little sorry for the pretty woman. I wanted to redeem her and basically I set her free.

ArtGedeck Michéle Pinkernel

@2023 - ARTINCLUDED, Michèle Pinkernell