Day 3 – Funicular Railway

Monday, 17th April


after a dinner of pizza and spaghetti, our bellies were well filled. We got tired and wanted to go home. That somehow meant back up the mountain.
Several taxis and buses stood around. Although my stomach had cooperated in meeting the Mare mosso, I wasn't sure what it would think of a serpentine ride with Antonio's colleagues. So walking. My left knee, I call it Erich, reported that it was only ready for a section without hiking boots and poles.
What to do when two members of the team show such irreconcilability? Ask Matthias what he thought about satisfying Erich by carrying me?
We strolled past the Funicolare. What luck! Although all day tourists had long since returned to the mainland, it was still open. A quick, inexpensive solution.
The cabin was already waiting.
Buy a ticket, stamp the ticket, get in.
Arsenio arrived shortly after us. He greeted Francesco. A great spectacle!
Then he wanted to know who all the other people in the cabin were. When he heard my name he sang an old Beatles song.

"Did you just compose that?" I asked annoyed.
(Finally, he sings about a woman I don't know who keeps forcing me to spell my name. Even the autocorrections on my computer and my mobile phone are in the service of this, this, this... person.)
Arsenio's mobile phone rang.
Important conversation!
His wife told him what was for dinner: Ragout.
After Arsenio hung up, a heated discussion ensued. It was about the best way to eat ragout. Matthias heard the commotion, but didn't know what it was about.
I summed it up: "Arsenio's wife made spaghetti bolognese and now everyone is debating whether everything went according to plan."
A smile spread across Matthias's mouth. The passion and all the emotions that broke ground here. The gesturing and waving around us suddenly followed a purpose.

Note: Good food unites.

By the way: Breakfast time

Good morning


ArtGedeck Michéle Pinkernel

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