Cow in a Flower Meadow in Joan Miró's Style

Cow in a Flower Meadow in Joan Miró's Style

Cow in a Flower Meadow

       in Joan Miró's Style

  • 15 inches by 11 inches, landscape format

  • Aquarelle on paper

Das Bild El Sol inspirierte mich zu „Kuh auf einer Blumenwiese nach Joan Miró“. Der Hintergrund ist weiß. Kuh und Blume sind aus geometrischen Formen wie Bogen oder Oval zusammengesetzt. Man betrachtet die Kuh von vorn. Ein kobaltblauer Bogen bildet die Beine und Körper. Der gelbe Kopf ist ein wenig nach links geneigt. Er hat die Form einer Zitze an einem Euter bzw. die Form eines Wassertropfens kurz bevor er sich löst.

There are few details: two thin horns and two protruding red ears. The cow raises her head and slaps her tail. The flys were probably annoying again, but she was supposed to keep still while I painted. The posture of my model betrays a desire for mischief.

There is a small flower to the right of the cow. It is leaning far to the right. As if it didn't want to attract attention. As if it didn't want to take part in the cow's mischief. Or as if it could prevent itself from being eaten by the cow. The cow doesn't seem hungry. She is more interested in us than in the flower.
"Good morning," she seems to say. "We're galloping across the pasture because we're playing horse now."

ArtGedeck Michéle Pinkernel

@2023 - ARTINCLUDED, Michèle Pinkernell