Day 1 – The Shared Taxi

Saturday, 15th April


today we met Antonio. Antonio is the proud owner of a shared taxi. He has the ambition to drive off only with a full taxi. So he stands at the airport in Naples and collects people. Much to Gina's chagrin today. Gina works at the airport, had finished for the day and wanted a quick lift to the train station.
When we got into the taxi, we occupied seats 4 and 5 – out of 8.
Gina explained that she had to catch the intercity bus. Antonio appeased her by assuring her that he would fly and thereby easily make up the time.
The taxi filled up – slowly. 6th place went to Paolo, an Italian who runs a guesthouse in Cornwall where Italians stay and here a guesthouse where English people stay. It's going brilliantly and everyone feels at home with him.
7th place went to the beautiful Beatrice, who Antonio quickly placed next to himself.
Gina started expanding my vocabulary

by explaining to Antonio what she thought of his business model. The bus to the train station left next door. Antonio strolled closer with a very small couple. He placed Marcella, the woman, next to Beatrice. With that the taxi was full. Leonardo, the man, was seated next to Gina. As a result, Gina moved closer to me and I to Matthias.
With a proudly swelled chest, Antonio got behind the wheel and showed us what he meant by flying. I was glad I wasn't sitting by the window. Antonio never braked. He didn't honk either. That's what the cars around him did.
Gina, Marcella and Leonardo got off at the train station.
While Antonio flirted with Angela on the drive to the port, Matthias and I realized that we would try to avoid the people in place 1 and 2 for the next few days.

So far we have been successful.

Kind regards

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Day 1 – The Shared Taxi


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